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Guide To Purchasing New And Used Hyundai Cars

Are you thinking of shopping for a car? Wondering whether you should invest in a new car or a used one? All right there are lots of new and even used Hyundai dealers in Phoenix, that is for sure. You shouldn’t have problem locating the right one if you make all the essential checks. There are many used Hyundai cars in Phoenix which you can get that will are cheaper than the original retail price too. In either case it’s best to keep the following tips in your mind.

Hyundai EON- The Hyundai Eon features best engine and design enhancing fuel mileage. The price is Rs.2.70 lacs. This comes in six variants and its features include airbag in the front, central locking and keyless entry. price differ from one model to another and therefore if you want to know the perfect price you have to go to the nearest showroom. About 11 models are present in India and you can buy these powerful toys at Rs. 22, 40,000 to around Rs. 1, 31, 50,000 approximately. These are the minimum prices and the maximum prices that are provided by the company. There may other charges as per the cities rules. These luxury cars should not be counted in budget cars as they are only expensive series. The tata cars price can be termed as budget class to high-end class. They come with various models to choose from and have cars that have a price range that begins from Rs. 4, 00,000 to Rs. 28, 34,413 approximately.

Hyundai Accent- people do not look at safety first when scouting for a car. Some consumers look for the style and modernity of the car instead of the overall safety of the car. If you are buying a car for the entire family, you can trust the Hyundai accent.

The Hyundai Elantra is a luxury car that has superb aerodynamic looks along with European style design for the body. The company provides two variants, the petrol and the diesel and is especially built for the upper middle class consumers and the price ranges from Rs. 8.15 lakhs to 11.0 lakhs.

The Hyundai Tucson SUV is an extremely reliable high performer. In India, the SUV comes as a single diesel variant and its engine, a refined 2.0-litre turbocharged CRDi engine, comes packed with 112 bhp and 245 Nm of torque. The 5-speed manual transmission allows crisp and accurate shifts. The Tucson has sufficient space for passengers and their cargo.

If the beach is not your thing remember that upstate New York also offers many freshwater lakes. Some are only an hour or two outside of the city. They offer picnic areas, swimming, hiking, and other outdoorsy activities you do not often get to enjoy as an urban dweller. How often do you get to experience the great outdoors? When you lease a Hyundai you can get in touch with nature more often than those without cars.

The Hyundai i20 comes comes with a choice of 5 petrol and 3 diesel variants. The three main variants remain Magna, Asta, and Asta (O). While the petrol engine pumps out 99 bhp, the 1.2-litre Kappa engine gives out 79 bhp. The 1.4-litre 16V DOHC CRDi engine in the diesel variants, however, churns out 89 bhp. The Hyundai i20 sure has the contemporary and elegant look.